Die 14. Internationale Fachmesse für Wein, Weinherstellung und Weinbau

Marktberichte & Nachrichten

Der ukrainische Weinmarkt birgt enormes Wachstumspotential
Weinkonsum und Weinproduktion steigen kontinuierlich

Während die ukrainische Spirituosenindustrie im Jahr 2009 deutliche Produktionseinbrüche verzeichnen musste, stieg die Weinproduktion im gleichen Jahr um 8,2% gegenüber dem Vorjahr und erreichte 2,26 Mio. hl. Dieses Ergebnis kann sich durchaus mit der österreichischen Weinproduktion von 2,3 Mio. hl im Jahr 2009 messen.
12.2010 Quelle: Ukraine aktuell

Alcohol output in November 2010
Grape Wine Production 18.1% Up To 1.6 Million Decaliters
Champagne Production 38.3% Up To 657,500 Decaliters
Cognac Production Up By 3.8% To 393,000 Decaliters
Vodka Production 23.5% Up To 4.3 Million Decaliters
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages Down By 38.1% To 0.4 Million Decaliters
22.12.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Ukrspyrt To Improve Quality Of Spirit For Vodka Production
Ukrspyrt, the state enterprise of spirit and liquor-and-vodka production industry, is intended to improve quality of spirit for production of liquor and vodka, Ukrspyrt Director-General Ihor Sukhonosov has announced in an interview with Uriadovyi Kurier newspaper. At the moment 4% of etheraldehyde cut (crude alcohol purification by-product, output in the form of fusel and volatile oils) are skimmed from 100% of the spirits made, while Ukrspyrt plans to introduce a technology for skimming 20% of etheraldehyde cut from spirits, which the state enterprise plans processing into window washer and other alcohol-containing goods. Besides, Ukrspart plans to change the process of preparation of raw materials for production of spirits. "Grain at the early stage will be separated into several groups and the best one will be used for making food-grade alcohol," the director-general stressed.
Sukhonosov notes, improvement of quality of spirit production will inevitable entail higher costs of the production process and of the ready goods, although he says at the moment the spirit price is fixed and the enterprise is negotiating new contracts for 2011 and fulfilling current contracts at the actual cost of produce. The state enterprise leadership is in talks with the liquor and vodka manufacturers about further cost advancement. "This will be ideal spirit. Let's see if our companies [liquor and vodka] are ready for such quality improvement," Sukhonosov remarked.
20.12.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Wine output 46% up in ten months
Ukraine increased wine production by 46% in the first ten months of 2010 compared to the same period of 2009, to 25 million decaliters. Brandy production rose by 2.1% to 2.5 million decaliters.
The sale of wine on Ukraine's domestic market in the first ten months of 2010 grew by 48% to 24.9 million dal, champagne and sparkling wine by 0.2% to 3.3 million dal, and brandy by 1.9% to 2.4 million dal. Wine exports rose by 21.2% to 900,000 dal. Wine producers exported 70,000 dal of brandy and over 430,000 dal of champagne and sparkling wine.
02.12.2010 Source: State Tax Administration of Ukraine

Weinbau in der Ukraine: Stand und Perspektiven
Der Finanzbedarf für das verabschiedete Entwicklungsprogramm für Weinbau und Weinherstellung in der Ukraine bis 2025 beläuft sich auf UAH 18,3Mrd. (EUR 1,83Mrd.), wovon UAH 11Mrd. (EUR 1,1 Mrd.) aus dem staatlichen Haushalt finanziert werden. Bei erfolgreicher Umsetzung des Programms werden wir die Ukraine in Kürze wieder in den Reihen der bedeutenden Weinproduzenten Europas begrüßen dürfen.
11.2010 Quelle: Business Guide Deutschland Ukraine

Wine imports on rise
Wine imports to Ukraine in 2010 increased significantly after 2009. According to the manufacturers, a growth of imports in 2010 is due to the deficit of wine caused by adverse weather conditions in the country both in winter and summer. In the first 9 months of 2010 Ukraine imported 1.450 million decaliters of bottled wine and about 2 million decaliters of wine-making materials. During the same period the country consumed 24.7 million dal of wine, incl. table wine (both imported and domestic).
26.11.2010 Source: Ukrinform / National Bureau of Grapes and Wine

Alcohol output in October 2010
Grape Wine Production 1.9% Down To 1.4 Million Decaliters
Champagne Production 12.8% Up To 475,300 Decaliters
Cognac Production Up By 24.9% To 378,700 Decaliters
Vodka Production 58.3% Up To 3.5 Million Decaliters
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages Down By 41.7% To 0.6 Million Decaliters
23.11.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Parliament raises excise rates on alcohol
The Verkhovna Rada has approved the increase in excise duties on spirit, alcoholic drinks and tobacco, which should come into force on January 1, 2011. Excise rates on alcoholic beverages are to be increased by 6.9% or UAH 2.72, to UAH 42.12 per liter of 100% spirit. Excise duties on fortified wine and vermouth are to rise from UAH 2 to UAH 2.14 per liter, and on sparkling wine from UAH 2.9 to UAH 3.1 per liter.
18.11.2010 Source: Ukrinform

Wine exports up 25% in nine months
Wine exports from Ukraine grew by 25.3% in the first nine months of 2010 YoY to more than 0.8 million decaliters. Wine producers sold 0.05 million dal of cognac and over 0.35 million dal of champagne and sparkling wines. Compared to January-September 2009, the production of cognac rose by 1% to more than 2.1 million dal, and wine by 52.8% to more than 23.8 million dal. In general, wine production in January-September 2010 totaled over 3.3 million dal of champagne and sparkling wines. In January-September 2010, the sale of cognac on the domestic market rose by 0.7% YoY to more than 2 million dal, champagne and sparkling wines by 2.4% to more than 2.8 million dal, and wine by 54.6% to more than 23.4 million dal.
03.11.2010 Source: NRCU / State Tax Administration (STA)

Ukraine will protect its wines from falsification
The Verkhovna Rada adopted as a basis the bill amending the law on grapes and grape wine, which proposes introduction of clear definition of terms in the domestic viticulture and winemaking, clarification and specification of a number of provisions in existing legislation to combat the counterfeiting of wine production.
In particular, wines, which have historical prototype and are prepared with special techniques, should be called special-type wines. In this case, the names of those wines should bear the name of the prototype: Sherry, Port, Madeira, Nutmeg, Cahors, Malaga, etc.
Wine of improved quality, produced by a special technology of the selected grape varieties or their mixtures, with obligatory aging in oak barrels before bottling over at least 6 months, should be called ordinary mellow.
The bill stipulates that the planting of vineyards for wine is permitted only in wine-making areas with zoned or promising varieties of grapes.
For the production of wines and brandies in Ukraine, according to the document, technical grape varieties shall be used to meet state standards. It is not allowed to direct manufacturers to mix in processing the European grapes with labruska varieties and hybrids.
Table grapes can be used for the production of ordinary wines. For the production of wines and brandies in Ukraine it is allowed to use table grapes, if their content of sugars and other quality indicators comply with the requirements to technical varieties of grapes.
02.11.2010 Source: Ukrinform

12% of wine products not meeting requirements of regulatory documents
Almost 12% of wine products checked by state supervision experts from the State Committee of Ukraine for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy over the first nine months of 2010 do not meet the requirements of regulatory documents. Committee experts inspected 411,500 decaliters of wine products. Nearly 50,000 decaliters of wine products did not meet the requirements of regulatory documentation in terms of physical, chemical and organoleptic figures, appearance, and storage conditions. In addition, among widespread violations were the absence of quality certificates and the violation of requirements for the labeling and packaging of products. State supervision experts banned the sale of 84 batches and 41 types of wine products.
01.11.2010 Source: Ukrinform

Ukrainians drink more wine
Wine consumption in Ukraine is growing every year, the International Bureau of Wine and Brandy reported. They estimate that in 2010 the volume of wine consumption in Ukraine may reach about 7.4 liters per person, while in 2009 it was 6.6 liters, and in 2008 just 6 liters. At the same time, the Ukrainian market of wine consumption is significantly below consumption rates in other countries. The world leaders by wine consumption are the French. Their annual rate is 51.5 liters of wine per person. Among the world's top five there are also Portugal (45.2 liters), Italy (43.8 liters), Switzerland (38.3 liters) and Denmark (32.2 liters).
29.10.2010 Source: NRCU

Alcohol output in September 2010
Grape Wine Production 72.8% Down To 1.4 Million Decaliters
Champagne Production 3.1% Up To 421,200 Decaliters
Cognac Production Up By 26.2% To 303,000 Decaliters
Vodka Production 54.5% Down To 2.2 Million Decaliters
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages Up By 3.8% To 1 Million Decaliters
22.10.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Ukraine topped the list of Georgian wine customers
Through September, Georgian wine exports increased by almost 40% YoY to 10.1 million bottles, according to the Agriculture Ministry. Ukraine topped the list of Georgian wine customers, taking 52% of total exports, followed by Kazakhstan and Belarus.
21.10.2010 Source: Tbilisi - Bloomberg

Wine producers of Odessa region to explore foreign markets
Odesa Regional State Administration Foreign Economy and European Integration Department has prepared The pilot project of the Foreign Market Exploration Programme by Wine-Producing Companies of Odesa Region 2011-2013. "Wine making is one of the most important sectors in Odesa Oblast. We are growing about 45% of the total amount of grapes in Ukraine. The aim of the Programme is to assist the wine-making companies exploring foreign wine markets. To achieve this, Foreign Economy and European Integration Department has developed and evaluated the resource base, their capacity and problems", Chief of Department Sergiy Tetiukhin said.
19.10.2010 Source: Context-Prichernomorie

Wine output 62% up
Over 8 months of 2010, grape wine production in Ukraine increased by 62.3% compared with the corresponding period last year. The output of grape wines reached more than 22.4 million decaliters (+62.3%). In particular, during January-August 2010, the production of cognac exceeded 1.8 million dal, champagne and sparkling wine 2.8 million dal.
The volumes of sale of wine products on the domestic market are: cognac - more than 1.7 million dal, champagne and sparkling wines - more than 2.4 million dal (+2%), grape wines - more than 22.3 million dal (+66.9%). The sale of grape wines for export in January-August 2010 increased by 25.5% YoY, and amounted to more than 0.7 million dal.
14.10.2010 Source: State Tax Administration of Ukraine

Vodka Producers Consider Increase Of Minimum Retail Price Of Vodka By 17% To UAH 21 Per Bottle As Justified
07.10.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Spirit Exports 90.9% Up To 1.1 Million Liters In August
07.10.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Die Erste Ukrainische Königin des deutschen Weins in der Ukraine wurde am 24. September auf dem Fest des deutschen Weines in der Deutschen Botschaft zu Kiew gekrönt.
05.10.2010 Source: Deutsche Botschaft Kiew

Crimea will cooperate with French region of Languedoc-Roussillon
The agreement on trade, economic, scientific, technical and cultural cooperation has been signed between the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (southern Ukraine) and the French region of Languedoc-Roussillon. Signing of the document will promote cooperation in various directions and more investment from France (Crimea received about USD 18 million of direct investment from France over 6 months of 2010).
The head of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, Georges Freche, called three areas for bilateral cooperation: the policy of water use, tourism and transport sector. Another area where it is possible to share experiences is winemaking. After all, Montpellier is the world viniculture center, Georges Freche noted. "I believe that wine industry is the future of the Crimea. So for starters, you can start working on adaptation of Crimean wines to European tastes, since, in our opinion, Crimean wines are little bit too sweet," he said.
05.10.2010 Source: Ukrinform

Alcohol output in August 2010
Grape Wine Production 52.1% Up To 5.2 Million Decaliters
Champagne Production 2 Times Up To 408,500 Decaliters
Cognac Production Up By 1.3% To 240,000 Decaliters
Vodka Production 47.7% Up To 4.9 Million Decaliters
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages Down By 5.7% To 982,000 Decaliters
17.09.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

UkrVodka: alcoholic beverages to further rise in price
UkrVodka Association, which incorporates the largest producers of alcoholic beverages, predicts a further rise in price of this product. According to UkrVodka director Ivan Zholner, the rise in prices for final consumers is due to increased taxes and the increase in price of components needed to produce alcoholic beverages. In particular, on September 1 the government increased excise duty up to UAH 39.4 per one liter of 100% ethanol, which enhanced the tax pressure on the companies of the industry.
15.09.2010 Source: UkVodka

Alcohol production on decline
In January-July 2010, the production of alcoholic drinks in Ukraine decreased compared to the same period in 2009. The largest drop is recorded in vodka and liqueurs output. Cognac production remained at the level of the same period in 2009 - 1.4 million dal. The production of vodka and other strong alcoholic beverages for the first 7 months of 2010 fell down by 11.6% to 22.7 million dal. The output of liqueurs, sweet liqueurs, alcoholic liquors reduced by 12.6% to 6.9 million dal.
19.08.2010 Source: State Statistics Committee of Ukraine

Alcohol output in July 2010
Grape Wine Production
22.6% Up To 3.4 Million Decaliters
Cognac Production Up By 11% To 237,100 Decaliters
Champagne Production 11.6% Down To 204,000 Decaliters
Vodka Production 13.7% Down To 3.3 Million Decaliters
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages Up By 8.3% To 1 Million Decaliters
18.08.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Growth of production of alcoholic beverages due to demand
The production and sale of alcoholic beverages grew up in Ukraine. In the first half of the year, 19.3 million decaliters (dal) of vodka and 5.9 million dal of liquors were produced. More than 21.6 million dal of vodka and liquors were sold in Ukraine during this period, and more than 3.6 million dal were exported. Licenses for the production of alcoholic beverages have been issued to 229 entities. In H1 of 2010, the production of grape wines rose by 27.8% YoY up to 13.3 million dal., more than 1.3 million dal of cognac, 1.88 million dal of champagne and sparkling wines were bottled. 1.5 million dal of champagne and sparkling wines, almost 1.3 million dal of cognac, about 11.9 million dal of grape wines (+24.5% YoY) were sold on the domestic market. 0.03 million dal of cognac, over 0.2 million dal of champagne and sparkling wines were exported. The export of wines increased by 29.1% to 0.5 million dal.
09.08.2010 Source: State Tax Administration

Experts say heat making high-quality grapes yield
The current heat in Ukraine is contributing to the formation of high-quality grape yield , Viacheslav Ponomariov, Vice President of the Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Ukraine (AWWU), told the press in Kiev. According to his forecasts, Ukraine can harvest about 300 tons of grapes this year. Anatoliy Koghan, marketing director for Alef-Vinal LLC, also believes that the current weather conditions in Ukraine have a favorable effect on the grape harvest. At the same time, he expressed concern that in case of rain grapes can crack and worsen quality. Winemakers also pointed out that in the winter and spring of this year's weather conditions were not favorable for the formation of the harvest, but losses were small.
In 2009 Ukraine increased the yield of grapes by 13% YoY up to 468,700 tons.
04.08.2010 Source: Ukrinform

Cabinet raises excise taxes on cigarettes, alcohol again
The Cabinet of Ministers decided to increase excise duty on alcoholic drinks by 6.9% or 2.72 UAH to 42.12 UAH per liter of 100% spirit, and on cigarettes with filter by 6.9% from January1, 2011. Excise tax on fortified wines and vermouth in 2011 will grow from 2 to 2.14 UAH per liter, sparkling wine from 2.9 to 3.1 UAH per liter, cider and perry from 0.39 to 0.42 UAH per liter, spirit and alcoholic beverages from 39.4 to 42.14 UAH per liter of 100% spirit.
31.07.2010 Source: Ukrinform

Ukraine may demand compensation for refusal from "champagne", "cognac" names
Ukraine will demand financial and material compensation for the refusal from "geographic names" of products, namely champagne and cognac, Agrarian Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk has said. At the same time, he denied reports that Ukraine will surely have to give up such names as "champagne" and "cognac" to join free trade zone.
26.07.2010 Source: nrcu

Production of alcoholic beverages down by 18% in H1
Ukraine's alcoholic beverage industry in the first half of 2010 produced 25 million decaliters (dal) of alcohol, incl. 19 million dal of vodka. Nearly 4 million dal of alcohol were exported, including 3 million dal of vodka. The production of alcoholic beverages declined by 18% YoY. Exports of alcoholic beverages increased by 16%, in particular vodka by 21%.
The decline in production is observed from July last year, since the introduction of excise tax rates of UAH 34 per 1 liter of 100% ethanol. This trend continued in 2010.
23.07.2010 Source: Ukrvodka Association

Informationen zu Auslandsmessen
16.07.2010 Source: BMELV

Odesa region expects grapes harvest 20% down against forecasted yield
Grapes harvest this year will be 20% down against the estimated yield, Ivan Panchyshyn, Odesa Regional State Administration's CEO, told. This year we expect to harvest 140 tons of grapes against 160-165 tons as estimated, he said. Temperature difference, rains and hail affected the harvest volume. A great number of vineyards were frost-bitten in winter. The vine dramatically suffered compared with the rest of the crop.
14.07.2010 Source: Ukrinform

Alcohol output in June 2010
Grape Wine Production
1.2% Up To 2.8 Million Decaliters
Champagne Production
46.3% Up To 230,600 Decaliters
Cognac Production
Down By 7.1% To 214,000 Decaliters
Vodka Production
2.8% Down To 3.8 Million Decaliters
12.07.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Ukraine boosts hard liquor exports by 18% in five months
Ukraine exported over 3 million decaliters of hard liquors and vodka in January - May 2010, which was 18% up YoY. Vodka exports grew by 22% to 2.6 million. dal. Production of hard liquors and vodka in January - May 2010 went down by 12% (to 20 million dal), incl. the production of vodka - 9.6% down (to 15.5 million dal).
"The sector is going through difficult times, and hasn't yet recovered from last year's sharp increase in excise duties. Both heavy taxation and a decline in solvent demand affected the production, and a forthcoming increase in excise tax rates doesn't encourage companies to boost output," reads the report citing Ukrvodka Director Ivan Zholner. As reported, Ukraine increased the excise rates on ethyl alcohol, liquors and vodka as of July 1, 2009. In particular, the excise duty on hard liquors and vodka grew by 58%, to UAH 34 per liter of 100% alcohol.
29.06.2010 Source: Ukrvodka Association

UkrSpirt: Ukraine's alcoholic beverage industry facing major reformation
Ukraine's spirits industry in the second half of 2010 will see a substantial reformation, Ihor Sukhonosov, president of the State Concern of Spirits and Alcoholic Beverage Industry "UkrSpirt", has said. The priority reforms will be aimed at improving the efficiency of operation, financial restructuring and technological upgrading of spirits industry companies in Ukraine.
"The Ukrainian spirits industry has enormous economic potential. Our main task is to implement it and make the industry one of the most profitable branches of the sector. For this, some enterprises will be repurposed for the production of bio-fuel. Moreover, the enterprises will introduce energy-efficient technologies to improve the competitiveness of their products in foreign markets," he said.
26.06.2010 Source: Ukrinform

Alcohol output in May 2010
Grape Wine Production
1.2% Up To 2.7 Million Decaliters
Champagne Production
22.6% Down To 157,600 Decaliters
Cognac Production
Down By 9.1% To 230,000 Decaliters
Vodka Production
4.9% Up To 3.9 Million Decaliters
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages
Up By 40.3% To 1.1 Million Decaliters
17.06.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Ukrvinprom predicts vintage decline by half
Ukrainian Corporation for Viticulture and Wine Industry Ukrvinprom predicts a decline in the harvest of grapes to 234-282 thousand tons in 2010. As the Corporation noted, due to severe weather this winter, in particular, temperature falls to -27 degrees, the culture of grapes was significantly damaged. According to preliminary forecasts of experts, the grape harvest this year is expected within 50-60% from last year. According to their observations, as of 15 March this year, in the vineyards of Odesa, Mykolayiv and Kherson regions, and in the Crimean steppes, the death of central buds ranged from 39% to 100% with European technical grapes, 36-80% with replacement brands, and from 60% to 100% with table grapes.
05.06.2010 Source: Ukrinform

Wine output up
In the 1st quarter of 2010, the production of grape wines in Ukraine increased by 3.9% YoY. In particular, a significant increase was registered in the production of dry wines, while the output of fortified wines fell against the increase in the production of wine drinks. In Q1, 4,620.04 thousand decaliters (dal) of wine were made, compared to 4,443.91 thousand dal over the like period of 2009 (+3.9%), including ordinary dry table wines - 579.57 thousand dal (+88%), grape table semisweet - 110.86 thousand dal (+72.4%), semi-sweet table wines - 1,874.04 thousand dal (+13.9%), and fortified ordinary wines - 825.64 thousand dal (-31.8%).
14.05.2010 Source: Ukrainian Trade and Industry Confederation

Wine production in the Odessa region 37% up
The production of grape wine in the Odessa region grew 37% in January-March 2010 compared to the same period in 2009. According to the Odesa Regional Administration, the production of grape wine in the region in January-March 2010 made 1.880 million decalitres. The production of cognac made 245.3 thousand decalitres, which is 15.4% more than in the same period of 2009.
06.05.2010 Source: Context-Prichernomorie

Ukraine to be honorary guest at Belgian wine exhibition
Ukraine will be an honorary guest at the Wine and Tastes exhibition in the Belgian city of Dinant, which will be held on May 7-9. Ukraine will present the products of such brands as Nemiroff, Khortytsa, Obolon, Golden Amphora, Klinkov, Chumak, as well as Kharkiv Factory of Sparkling Wines, Shabo, the State Tourism and Resort Service and a number of other companies.
06.05.2010 Source: Ukrinform

Wine, champagne output and exports up
Over Q1 2010, wine industry production increased against the relevant period of the previous year. In particular, wine - by 13.9% to 4.9 million decaliters (dal), wine stock - by 10.6% to 6.3 million dal, wine beverages - by 32.3% to 0.5 million dal, aerated wines - by 55.4% to 0.06 million dal, champagne and sparkling wines - by 7.7% to almost 1.0 million dal, vermouth production increased 3.3 fold to almost 0.3 million dal.
Volumes of realization on the internal market also increased: wine stock - by 9.1%, wines - by 2.3%, wine beverages - by 42.6%, vermouths - by 175.8%, champagne and sparkling wines - by 1.3%. Wine export volumes increased by 21.7%, champagne and sparkling wines - by 116.0%.
05.05.2010 Source: press service of State Tax Administration

Cognac Producers See As Acceptable Increase In Excise Duty On Cognac By 21.4% To UAH 17/Liter Of 100% Spirit In 2010
13.04.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Alcohol output in February 2010
Grape Wine Production
26.2% Up To 1.6 Million Decaliters
Cognac Production
Up By 65.7% To 221,200 Decaliters
Vodka Production
1% Down To 2.5 Million Decaliters
25.03.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Alcohol output down in Ukraine
Over January-February 2010, production of all types of alcoholic beverages dropped against the same period of 2009. Thus, vodka production dropped almost by 10%, beer - by almost 5%, liqueurs - by 13% and only cognacs and brandies remained at the previous year level.
22.03.2010 Source: State Statistics Committee of Ukraine

César Gérard: Cooperation of the Odessa Region with France to develop in wine production and consumption
Member of the Senate of France for European Affairs César Gérard stated cooperation of the Odesa Region with France to develop in wine production and consumption after his meeting with the Head of Odesa Oblast Council Nikolay Skorik. "In the Senate I am the head of the group for vines and wine. Sure, cooperation between the Odesa region and France is quite possible, and is quite reasonable, for it may lie in terms of mediation and brotherhood between the Odesa Oblast and France. Sure, Odesa as the largest wine-producing region has got all chances for that kind of cooperation, and of course this cooperation is to develop in the most various spheres. It is both wine production and consumption. And of course it is investors, because investors have a godsent field for investments here, in particular it concerns certain types of vines here and vineyards on the territory of your region. It is also necessary to develop wine tourism - this is a separate branch of wine production to be invested for development of the region", he said.
03.03.2010 Source: Context-Prichernomorie

Vodka Producers Reduce Export By 18% To 7.2 Million Decaliters in 2009
Forecasting That Vodka Production In 2010 Will Remain At 2009 Level If Situation In Sector Is Stable
26.02.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Alcoholic beverages production down
In 2009 against 2008, the alcoholic beverage industry cut down production by 11% in Ukraine, and realization - by 8%, Director of the Ukrhorilka Association Ivan Zholner told a press conference. In 2009, over 55 million decaliters (dal) of alcoholic beverages were produced in Ukraine, incl. vodka - 42.3 million dal. On the domestic market, 48.7 million dal of alcoholic beverages were realized, incl. vodka - 36.7 million dal. Over 7 million dal of alcoholic beverages were exported, including vodka - 5.9 million dal (-18% YoY). According to Zholner, production volumes in H1 grew at the expense of the vodka segment, and in H2 - a sharp reduction of production was observed due to raising an excise duty to UAH 34 (or by 58%) per one liter of 100% ethyl alcohol.
25.02.2010 Source: Ukrinform

Ukrvodka Expecting Sudden Increase Of Spirit Prices In April
The Ukrvodka association expects the sudden increase of prices for spirit by the State concern of spirit industry, Ukrspyrt, from April, director of the association Ivan Zholner told a press conference. He said that the level of increase of prices will depend on the cost of grain. At the same time, he said that there is no 2009 grain on the domestic market of Ukraine as it had been acquired and exported, and the grain prices for spirit producer may be reduced only in the third quarter of this year. He said that the spirit cost rise may reach 20-30%.
25.02.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Alcohol output in January 2010
Grape Wine Production
36% Down To 1.3 Million Decaliters
Champagne Production 64.8% Down To 226,000 Decaliters
Cognac Production Down By 68.8% To 133,500 Decaliters
Vodka Production 43.2% Down To 2.5 Million Decaliters
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages Down By 17.2% To 546,000 Decaliters
Yeast Production 19.6% Down To 5,800 Tons
23.02.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

25% of vineyards frozen in Ukraine
About 25% of vineyards in Ukraine's all wine-growing regions have the signs of thermal damage, Director of the Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Ukraine (AWWU) Seriy Petrenko said. "In view of the recent frosts in Ukraine agronomists of vineyards really report about cases of vine freezing. Mykolayiv region was affected, and partially Odessa, Kherson and Zakarpattia regions, as well as the south-western Crimea," he added. At the same time, Petrenko said that the vine has an immense scope for self-preservation. "Very favorable summer and warm autumn in 2009 have allowed to accumulate enough sugar in the vine. And it should help the vine to survive in winter," assured the AWWU chief. Petrenko also said that this year's grape harvest will be worse than the previous year. "Given that in 2009 we have witnessed a sharp increase in exports - in 3.5 times - to Russia, as well as there is the potential to further increase production in the domestic market while maintaining a favorable environment of state regulation, it is likely that Ukraine will experience a shortage of wine," Petrenko emphasized. "Given that, for example, Moldova did not see such strong frosts, we assume a possible pressure from the importers, particularly of the Moldovan ones," Petrenko underscored.
26.02.2010 Source: AWWU

Vineyards freezing out
In Odesa region due to strong frosts this winter over 50% of vineyards may perish, Deputy Director of the Tairov Scientific-Research Winemaking and Winegrowing Institute Nina Muliukina said. According to her, by the end of January it turned out that some sorts brought from European countries froze out by 80-100%, and a new wave of cold is only expected to come. "It will be possible to make final conclusions in March when sap flow begins, but it is obvious now that years of work will be necessary to remove damage inflicted by frost," the specialist said. By 2007, 60% of the country's total winemaking production fell in Odesa region. According to statistics, the Ukrainians considerably reduced wine consumption, from 20 liters per one resident in 1990 to 7 liters in 2009.
12.02.2010 Source: Ukrinform

30% of wine examined in 2009 fails to comply with norms
Over 2009, state supervision inspectors of the State Committee on Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy (Derzhspozhivstandard) examined 257,250 decaliters of wine products worth UAH 19.326 million. Due to non-compliance with requirements of the normative documentation 79,300 decaliters were rejected as defective (30%). Examination of wine products was carried out by specialists at 99 enterprises, violations were revealed at 56 of them.
12.02.2010 Source: Ukrinform

Georgian wine export to Ukraine dropped 32% in 2009
2009 export of Georgian wine to Kazakhstan, Belarus, Latvia, Azerbaijan, China and several other countries grew over 2008. The edition says that demi-doux Kindzmarauli krasnoye and white dry Zinandali are most popular among Georgian wines, according to the export statistics. However, BG reports that a significant decline has been fixed on the main sales market. By official information, Georgian wine export to Ukraine dropped 32% in 2009 as compared to 2008. Last year Ukraine received 4,573,461 bottles of wine, while in 2008 this indicator made 6,747,668 bottles.
25.01.2010 Source: Business Georgia

Wine material output up
The production of wine materials in 2009 rose by 17% YoY up to 31.1 million decaliters. The volume of processing grape into wine materials in 2009 totaled 421,200 tons (+9% YoY). The average price of grape purchase for processing rose from UAH 2,038 per ton in 2008 to UAH 2,046 in 2009 (by 0.4%).
22.01.2010 Source: State Statistics Committee of Ukraine

Alcohol output in December 2009
Grape Wine Production
11.7% Up To 2 Million Decaliters
Champagne Production
18.6% Up To 643,000 Decaliters
Cognac Production
Up By 28.1% To 428,400 Decaliters
Vodka Production
0.5% Up To 4.4 Million Decaliters
22.01.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Spirit Exports 41.4% Up To 6.7 Million Liters In November
29.12.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Vodka production up
Production of cognacs, brandies made up 2.6 million decaliters (dal) over January-November in Ukraine; vodka and other strong drinks - 38.9 million dal; liquers, sweet fruit liquers, and other strong drinks - 10.8 million dal; malt beer, including near-beer
- 279.7 million dal, the State Statistics Committee reports. According to the Ukrainian Confederation of Commerce and Industry, over 2008, cognac production in Ukraine made up 3.84 million dal; vodka and alcoholic beverages - 49.8 million dal.
28.12.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Alcohol output in November 2009
Grape Wine Production
8.9% Down To 1.8 Million Decaliters
Champagne Production 16.8% Up To 542,000 Decaliters
Cognac Production Down By 7.9% To 334,500 Decaliters
Vodka Production 14.7% Up To 4.3 Million Decaliters
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages Down By 7.3% To 663,000 Decaliters
22.12.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Ukrainian wine market grows
Ukraine's wine market grew by 5.9% in the first ten months of 2009 compared to the same period last year. According to the Association of Ukrainian Winegrowers and Winemakers (AWWU), the country produced 18.832 million deciliters of wine. Association Director Serhiy Petrenko said that a very dissimilar situation had been observed in the various price segments of winemaking products. "We have a significant shift in consumer demand from the higher price segment to the middle one and 'middle minus.' The expected volume of the still wine market in 2009 is estimated at 20-22 million deciliters," he said.
09.12.2009 Source: AWWU

Spirit Exports 3.2% Up To 4.7 Million Liters In October
02.12.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Alcohol output in October 2009
Grape Win
e Production 2.7% Down To 1.96 Million Decaliters
Champagne Production 1% Down To 464,000 Decaliters
Cognac Production Up By 40.5% To 363,300 Decaliters
Vodka Production 34.7% Up To 3.8 Million Decaliters
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages Down By 3.7% To 716,000 Decaliters
25.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Crimean wines production 13.3% up
Over January-October 2009, production of wines in Crimea grew by 13.3% YoY to 6.524 million decaliters (dal), while production of vodka and other strong drinks reduced by 24.7% YoY to 3.373 million dal.
20.11.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Alcohol output in September 2009
Grape Wine Production
3.1% Up To 2 Million Decaliters
Champagne Production 30% Up To 469,000 Decaliters
Cognac Production Up By 64.5% To 258,600 Decaliters
Vodka Production 27.7% Up To 2.8 Million Decaliters
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages Up By 1.6% To 743,000 Decaliters
06.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Minimum prices set for wine
Since December 1, the Cabinet set the minimum prices for wine and wine products. According to acting Finance Minister Ihor Umansky, at its meeting the government took a decision about setting the minimum price at UAH 12 for bottled wine and wine products of 0.7 liter and in one-liter carton packing. He explained that this decision was taken because considerable volumes of poor quality wines and wine products are on sale. "They are sold at UAH 5-7 and it is clear why a certain category of buyers purchases them. This decision was taken in order to remove competitive price advantage of poor quality goods", he said.
02.11.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Cognac Business in Ukraine
Ukrainian cognac vineyards are of great interest for investors.
Despite the fact that a phrase Ukrainian cognac sounds more unusual than Ukrainian horilka*, cognac consumption by Ukrainians experienced a boom over recent years. Cognac market leaders commenced to actively develop manufacture after a ten-year break in 90's.
28.10.2009 Source: AboutUA / Investgazeta

Vodka, cognac grow in price
The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers has increased minimum retail prices for some kinds of alcoholic beverages. Retail prices for vodka and liqueur (one liter of pure spirit) grew by 28.8%, from UAH 70 to UAH 89.8 per liter, while wholesale prices grew by 16.7%, from UAH 58.33 to UAH 68.05 per liter. Retail prices for other alcoholic beverages rose by 5.3%, from UAH 125 to UAH 131.6 per liter, while wholesale prices dropped by 8.5%, from UAH 104.17 to UAH 95.35 per liter.
12.10.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Good yield of grapes in Ukraine
This year, gross yield of grapes at all categories of economies will make up 380,000 tons, 8.5% less against the last year. Agricultural enterprises, in particular, will harvest 263.7 thousand tons of grapes (-6.5% YoY). The largest yield is expected in Odessa region and Crimea, where according to forecasts at 150,000 tons of grapes will be gathered in each region. Crimean wine-makers predict that wine made of grapes gathered this year will be an analogue of 1976. This year is considered to be the most successful for the Crimean wines.
09.10.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Ukrainian alcohol producers insist on introduction of minimum price of wine at UAH 15
Ukrainian alcohol producers insist on the introduction of a minimum price of wine at UAH 15 per 0.7-liter bottle or one-liter Tetrapak package. "Earlier we proposed UAH 13, but time has passed, and there were reports in the mass media that it would be UAH 18, but we demand UAH 15 per 0.7-liter bottle or UAH 15 per one-liter Tetrapak package," the marketing director at CJSC Alef-Vinal, Anatoliy Kohan, said at a press conference on Thursday. He said that the image of the sector is being damaged by unlicensed wine production.
01.10.2009 Source: Interfax

Quality of grape harvested in 2009 acknowledged high
Primary wine-making enterprises based in Crimea, Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson, and Zakarpatye regions have completed harvesting white grape Aligote, Feteasca, Sauvignon, Chardonnay and others. These regions are the main areas, where grape is grown in Ukraine. Red grape harvesting will continue until the end of September - early October. Favourable weather conditions contributed to good sugar content in grape. Particularly, sugar degree in white grape from the Odessa region reaches 180-200 g per cubic decimetre, in red grape 190-200 g and more. Quality of grape harvested in 2009 can be characterised as high. A part of products has already been supplied to wine-making enterprises for industrial processing.
28.09.2009 Source: blackseagrain

Over 80% of own produced wines in Ukraine
The CJSC Alef Vinal marketing department says that 83% of wines sold in Ukraine are made in Ukraine, while 15 years ago "the Moldovan wines reigned" in Ukraine. "They occupied 87% of the Ukrainian market that time", department director Anatoliy Kohan said. "The rest 10% of products on the country's market is shared by wines from Chile, France, Italy, Georgia and other countries," the expert informed. At the same time, Kohan said that Georgia over the last ten years "dropped from 4 to 0.4%".
25.09.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Odessa Oblast could supply large amounts of high quality wine to China
Governor of Odesa Oblast Nikolay Serdyuk believes Odesa Oblast could supply large amounts of high quality wine to China."You import wine goods from the USA. But the quality of our wine materials is much higher then everywhere in the world, the USA, Chile and Argentina in particular. 70% of our wine products are produced in Odesa Oblast. I think we could be interesting for each other in this respect", Mr. Serdyuk stated speaking to the delegation from China. "We have also discussed a possibility of exchange: the Chinese party is to supply equipment here, including port equipment too, and we are to supply wonderful wine. The Chinese party confessed, China lacked good sorts of wine, so they said they were ready for that sort of cooperation", said the Governor.
22.09.2009 Source: Context-Prichernomorie

Alcohol output in July 2009
Grape Wine Production
30.5% Down To 1.8 Million Decaliters
Vodka Production 73.5% Down To 1.7 Million Decaliters
Cognac Production Down By 61.8% To 110,000 Decaliters
Champagne Production 23.9% Down To 282,000 Decaliters
07.09.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Cooperation Odessa-Kakheti in the sphere of wine-making
At the meeting with the delegation of Kakheti, First Vice-Governor of Odesa Oblast Maksim Stepanov stated cooperation Odesa-Kakheti in the sphere of wine-making could be quite interesting. "Odesa Oblast is the undisputable leader of grape harvesting and operation. About 55% of the total amount of grapes is harvested in Odesa Oblast. Last year the grape harvest made 154 thousand tons of grapes. So collaboration with Kakheti in this sphere could be rather interesting, taking into consideration this sphere is very developed in Kakheti", Mr. Stepanov stated.
05.08.2009 Source: Context-Prichernomorie

Only the winemakers who care of quality will survive
Head of Odesa Oblast, Nikolay Skorik believes after Ukraine has joined the WTO only the winemakers who care of high quality of the products will survive. "After Ukraine has joined the World Trade Organization only the winemakers who care of high quaity of the products they make will survive. The time when one could make a lot of wine, low-quality wine being competitive at that, has passed. A different time comes, when those companies survive who care of technology, who realize the volumes of the harvested grapes and the produced wine is, as the mathematitians say, two opposite functions, directed different ways", stated Mr. Skorik at the opening of Shabo Wine Culture Centre. Mr. Skorik also added the authorities will be doing their best to give support to the local wine-producers.
18.07.2009 Source: Context-Prichernomorie

Wine making and growing inspectorate may be established
The Ministry of Agrarian Policy has proposed to set up the State Inspectorate for Wine Making and Growing to control the quality of wine and brandy production in the country. Corresponding amendments in the law regarding grape and wine from grape provide for the state budget allotting UAH 6million for the new inspectorate annually. Inspectors will obtain the right of access to enterprises of the wine industry to check licences, the quality of products, compliance with technologies and hygiene and sanitary standards. The draft law is aimed to fight counterfeited wine products. The Ministry estimates the market share of such products at 30-60% of total sales.
26.06.2009 Source: blackseagrain

Crimea planning to harvest 100,000 tons of grapes
Crimean winegrowers are planning to harvest 100,000 tons of grapes this year. Crimean First Deputy Agriculture Minister Serhiy Pelahenko said that farms of all forms of ownership had harvested 93,000 tons of grapes on the peninsula last year. He said that despite April's frost that influenced the grape yield, this year's gross grape output would exceed last year's figures at the expense of young vineyards planted in the last three years. In 2009, vineyards were planted on 755 hectares in Crimea.
23.06.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Alcohol output in May 2009
Grape Wine P
roduction Up 2.2% To 2.05 Million Decaliters
Champagne Production
Up 14% Up To 204,000 Decaliters
Cognac Production
Down 5.1% To 249,000 Decaliters
Vodka Production Up 26.9% Up To 4.9 Million Decaliters
18.06.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Natural wine sales up
The sale of natural wines in the first quarter of 2009 increased by 40%, says Volodymyr Demchak, president of the Ukrainian Confederation of Trade and Industry. "Natural wine sales are growing month after month," he said. Some companies say their sales grow even faster than the average market indicators. Thus, the Inkerman distillery in January-March boosted sales by 60% YoY. Analysts believe that the main cause behind the greater sales volume is that consumers started paying more attention to natural wines. Today's market growth owes mainly to domestic producers. Many importers were defeated in the competition because of the hryvnia devaluation, which made them raise prices. According to the SOVAT union of producers and wholesale traders of alcohol and tobacco, in the first quarter of 2009, the import of wine reduced by 30%.
12.06.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Wine import 74% down in Q1, 2009
Wine import into Ukraine fell by nearly 74% in the first quarter of 2009. The import of bottled wine and wine products fell by 3.8 times in the first quarter of 2009 to 296,770 deciliters from 1.124 million deciliters in the same quarter last year. Confederation President Volodymyr Demchak said that dry natural wine had become very popular now. Most of these wines were imported from Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa.
01.06.2009 Source: Ukrainian Trade and Industrial Confederation

The Ukrainian Wine Sector: The Dynamics, Present Situation, Perspectives
The work is directed on the consideration and analysis of the situation and tendencies in the Ukrainian wine sector and measures that have to be taken for the branch support. For the characteristic of the situation in the branch the dynamics of area under vines, productivity of vineyards, wine production etc are considered for the last period.
Comparison of trends in the wine sector of the EU and the countries of the New World, which have considerable part in the world wine market, is made as well. Some legal aspects and legislation provided for wine production quality guarantee are discussed in the work.
2009 Source: Odessa State Agrarian University, Institute of wine-growing and wine-making named after V.Tairov, Odessa

Post press release of Wine & Winemaking 2009

Ukraine: a strong increase in wine production in 2008
Ukraine produced last year the biggest annual quantity of wine since the country went independant in 1991, with 2,09 millions of hectoliters of wine of grape, up 170 000 hl YoY. Even if it's far from the record of 1970's when the production was 6,5 millions of hectoliters. The production of drinks of fruit and bays - that also carry the name of "wines" in Ukraine - increased from 280 000 hl in 2007 to 440 000 hl in 2008. On the contrary, the production of foaming wines diminished of 610 000 hl to 580 000 hl last year, for the first time since 2003. The wine imports have lowered from 550 000 hl in 2007 to 480 000 hl in 2008, but they increased in terms of value (from 5,2 to 81,4 millions USD). The wine exports increased in volume and in value, from 170 000 hl to 250 000 hl and from 42,4 to 53,1 millions USD.
27.05.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Alcohol output in April 2009
Grape Wine Production
21.7% Up To 2,008,000 Decaliters
Vodka Production Up By 10.7% To 3.9 Million Decaliters
Cognac Production Up 8.2% To 263,000 Decaliters
Champagne Production Down 29% To 179,000 Decaliters
22.05.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Ukraine's wine market might grow two-three times
The Ukrainian wine market might grow two-three times, says Volodymyr Demchak, President of the Ukrainian Commercial and Industrial Confederation (UCIC). Today Ukraine's actual wine consumption posts 11-12 liters/person a year. At the same time, in neighboring Belarus this indicator is 15 l/p a year. According to him, a major constraining factor is insufficient development of a resource base. For example, in Ukraine in 2002-2008 a prolific area of vineyards reduced 91.2 to 70.9 thousand ha. According to UCIC, in 2008 compared to 2007, export of grape wine from Ukraine increased 1.739 to 2.48 million dal, while imports fell down 5.488 to 4.087 million dal. A wine gross yield in Ukraine in 2002-2008 went up 359.3 to 415.2 thousand tonnes.
20.03.2009 Source: UCIC

Russia would like to see more Ukrainian wine at its market
Consul General of the Russian Federation to Odessa, Aleksandr Grachev stated Russia would like to see more Ukrainian wine at the Russian market. Mr. Grachev stated it during wine-sampling at Odesa National Research Centre "Viticulture and Wine-Making Institute", organized for the representatives of diplomatic corps. "Russia lacks good wine, the shelves of our stores are full of different wine products mainly from Argentina and Chile, and we also have quite a lot of wine from California and Australia. But, we would like to see more wine from Ukraine, if this is wine of the same quality as presented at the sampling", A. Grachev said. "We are ready to buy this wine at a higher price, but we need to settle down some customs problems and some barriers that are quite artificial, in my opinion", Consul General remarked. In addition he said, "Wine consumption is continuously increasing, even now, despite the crisis".
27.02.2009 Source: Context-Prichernomorie

Ukraine boosts vodka production 13.8%, wine - 6.6%
In 2008, Ukraine's distilleries produced 38.6 million decaliters (dal) of vodka, 13.8% up against 2007. The growth of vodka output was conditioned by the introduction of new excise duty marks. Wine production in Ukraine in 2008 grew 6.6% to 20.5 million dal, cognac - 10.8% to 3.96 million dal. At the same time, champagne and sparkling wine production went down 3.8% making 5.8 million dal.
24.01.2009 Source: State Tax Administration (STAU)

Mosel in der Ukraine
Weinbauliche Kontakte in die Ukraine hat Karl Kirch, stellvertretender Vorsitzender des Mosel-Saar-Ruwer Wein e. V., aufgebaut. Im Februar reiste er auf Einladung von dem Präsidenten der Staatlichen Administration der Region Odessa ans Schwarze Meer, um dort bei einem internationalen Wein-Symposium im Rahmen einer Weinbau-Ausstellung "WINE & WINEMAKING" zu referieren.
2007 Source: Winzer Zeitschrift

Odessa region historically is a wine-making region.
More than 50% of Ukrainian grape is raised in Odessa region.
Source: Odessa Regional State Administration



Artyomovsk Winery Counts On Sparkling Wine Sales Doubling To 1.9 Million Decalitres By 2012
20.12.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Der Sekt von Kiewer Sektkellerei "Stolichniy" (KSK) ist 100 % naturrein
Auf dem Rückenetikett der Sektweine der KSK ist eine neue Aufschrift erschienen - "100% naturreine Weintrauben". Auf dem heutigen Markt, wo fast jede Weinflasche Aromastoffe, Färbungsmittel und künstliche Ersatzmittel der Weintrauben enthält, ist das eine Entdeckung. Die Leitung der Kellerei ist davon überzeugt, dass dieser Schritt dem Verbraucher helfen wird, das richtige Produkt zu finden und keinen Fehlgriff zu machen.
14.12.2010 Source: Henkell & Co.

Moldova-Based Acorex Wine Holding Planning To Boost Wine Sales On Ukrainian Market By 60% To 1.6 Million Bottles In 2011
9.12.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

LUBUSKI Gin in der Ukraine
Der Gin der LUBUSKI Handelsmarke wurde in der Ukraine präsentiert. Nun haben auch die ukrainischen Schätzer die Möglichkeit, eines der bekanntesten starken Getränke in der Welt zu genießen. Dieses Ereignis ist möglich geworden dank der Kiewer Sektkellerei "Stolichniy" (KSK). Die Handelsmarke TM Lubuski ist durch zwei Sorten vertreten: ORIGINAL und LIME.
Die Kiewer Sektkellerei "Stolichniy" stellt Schaumweine seit 1954 her. Im Sortiment des Betriebes sind solche berühmten Handelsmarken wie "Sowetskoje Schampanskoje", "Sowetskoje Premium", "Ukrainske", "Krymgrad", "Unser Kiew" "Mein Lwiw" und "Wessilne" vertreten. Außerdem ist KSK ein offizieller Importeur in die Ukraine von europäischen Sekten der Handelsmarken "Henkell Trocken", "Soehnlein Brilliant", "Soehnlein Brilliant Alkoholfrei", "Fuerst von Metternich", der Linie der polnischen Liköre "Canari" sowie des Wodkas "Gorbatschow". Ab dem Jahre 2007 ist die Kiewer Sektkellerei ein Mitglied der Henkell&Co Gruppe, welche 9 Hersteller der Schaumweine in solchen Ländern wie Deutschland, Österreich, Frankreich, Italien, Tschechien, Slowakei, Ungarn, Rumänien und Ukraine umfasst.
07.12.2010 Source: Henkell & Co.

Odessa Cognac Factory Begins Production Of Shustov Paris Grand Prix Cognac
01.12.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Acorex Wine Holding presenting wines in Kiev
Acorex Wine Holding from Moldova held a wine tasting in Kiev and presented four wines: Pinot Grigio 2008, Sauvignon Blanc 2008, Blanc de Cabernet 2008, and Lancellotta. Acorex Wine Holding exports wines to 16 countries of the world, including the Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, Czech Republic, and Poland.
29.11.2010 Source: Akcyz

Poliana Ukraina Group Expends Chain Of Wine Stores By 1 To 23
22.11.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Bakhchysarai Wine-And-Brandy House Begins Producing Brandy To The Same-Name Brand
Crimean Vodka Company To Increase Stake Of Medoff Trademark In Ukrainian Market From 8 To 10% Through Sale Of Medoff Winter Vodka By 2012
18.11.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Artemivsk Winery Launches 0.2 Litter Sparking Wine Production
15.11.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Yerevan Cognac Plant Eyeing Entrance To Mid-Price Segment Of Cognac Market Of Ukraine
09.11.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Koblevo Begins Producing Paloma Vermouth
02.11.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Artemovsk Winery presented new cognac ART-CONTER of The Cognac House of Frapin
On October 27, a presentation of the cognacs of the famous French Cognac House of Frapin was held in Donbass Palace hotel. It was organized by Artyomovsk Winery in co-operation with Vinfort, official importer of The House of Frapin products.
01.11.2010 Source: press service of Artyomovsk Winery

Nemiroff Starts Vodka Production in Belarus
Ukraine's Nemiroff, one of the leading vodka producers in the CIS, has started licensed vodka production in Belarus at Minsk Kristall distillery. Nemiroff production quota in Belarus is one million decaliters per year. "From 2010, the demand of the Belarusian market for Nemiroff vodka will be satisfied thanks to the bottling of vodka at the facilities of our partner - Minsk Kristall distillery," Nemiroff's board chairman, Oleksandr Hlus said. The company has started producing Nemyrovskaya, Nemiroff Ukrainian Wheat, Nemiroff Ukrainian Winter Wheat, Nemiroff Ukrainian Rye and Nemiroff Lemon vodka in Belarus. Hlus said that the company plans to occupy at least 5% of the vodka market in Belarus. The Belarusian market is the sixth largest in the world in terms of volumes of strong alcohol consumption.
Nemiroff in Ukraine has two distilleries, both located in the city of Nemirov in Vinnytsia region. The company produces product for the Russian market at the Yaroslavsky Distillery. Currently the holding is up for sale. The only candidate to buy the holding so far is Russia's Standard of Rustam Tariko.
29.10.2010 Source: KyivPost

ACOREX Wine Holding to boost wine sales in Ukrainian market
Moldovan wine producer ACOREX Wine Holding is planning to increase by 2014 its sales on the Ukrainian market up to 3 million bottles, JV ACOREX Wine Holding CEO Sergei Borets said. Earlier ACOREX Wine Holding exported its products to the Ukrainian market, however, in connection with the crisis the amount of supplies was reduced. "The goal of this year is to provide 600 thousand bottles to Ukraine. On the Ukrainian market, the products will be presented in the midrange price segment of 25 to 50 UAH per bottle. Today the product range is approximately 12-18 positions," the CEO said.
ACOREX Wine Holding is an international holding company specializing in the production and sales of still and sparkling wines. The factory's production capacity is more than 30 million bottles a year. The key brands on the market in Moldova are Albastrele, Acorex Select and Red & White.
27.10.2010 Source: Ukrinform

Emilio Lustau presenting sherry wines in Ukraine
Spanish winery Emilio Lustau held a wine tasting in Kiev. House of Emilio Lustau, the premium sherry producer in Jerez, presented the following wines: Puerto Fino Solera Reserva, Dry Amontillado Los Arcos Solera Reserva, Pedro Ximenez, San Emilio Solera Reserva, and Deluxe Crefm "Capataz Andres" Solera Reserva.
22.10.2010 Source: Akcyz

Koblevo Ups Wine Output By 92.7% To 531,000 Decaliters In Q3
Agro-Industrial Firma Tavria Increases Brandy Output By 37.2% To 147,400 Deciliters In Q3
21.10.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Shabo Holding Ups Cognac Production 46% To 142,000 Decaliters, Wine By 26% To 178,000 Decaliters In Q3
Inkerman Ups Wine Production By 31.8% To 396,000 Decaliters In Q3
20.10.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Cork stoppers for all Artyomovsk Winery Sparkling Wines
Artyomovsk Winery informs that from October 11, 2010, all products of the winery will be corked with cork stopper.
11.10.2010 Source: press service of Artyomovsk Winery

Avignonesi presenting wines in Ukraine
Avignonesi, the famous Tuscan wine producer, held a wine tasting in Kiev. Two white wines (Sauvignon Blanc DOC and Cortona Chardonnay Il MarzoccoDOC) and five red wines (Rosso di Toscana IGT, Rosso di Montepulciano DOC, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG Riserva "Grandi Annate", "Desiderio" Cortona Merlot DOC) were presented.
08.10.2010 Source: Akcyz

Henkell Trocken – Partner des 1. Festivals der deutschen Weine in der Ukraine
Am 24. September fand in der Botschaft der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in Kiew das 1. Festival der deutschen Weine statt.
Einer der Partner des Festes war die deutsche Handelsmarke Henkell Trocken von Henkell&Co.
01.10.2010 Source: Henkell & Co.

Nemiroff tops ranking of steadily growing spirit brands
According to the Elite Brands List ranking compiled by IWSR (International Wine and Spirit Research), the Nemiroff international brand is the leader in global sales among the most steadily growing spirit brands. Nemiroff Holding is one of the world's largest alcohol producers whose products are supplied to 55 countries. The company has two distilleries located in the town of Nemyriv in Vinnytsia region.
15.09.2010 Source: Ukrinform

Artyomovsk Winery's Back to the Leadership in TOP-100
Artyomovsk Winery took 3d place among wine-making companies according to results of TOP-100 Best Ukrainian Company Ratings Pan-Ukrainian Rating Program and thus strengthened their leading position among sparkling wine makers.
31.08.2010 Source: press service of Artyomovsk Winery

Sales of Kiev Sparkling Wines to Increase by 5 %
The experts of the Kiev factory of sparkling wines "Stolichniy" predict increase in sparkling wines sales. "Over the whole year, our factory is displaying stable growth performance; moreover, we expect further sales expansion by some 5 % in the autumn period," says Mr. Pavel Shchur, head of the sales department. The positive results were influenced by several factors. The successful development of "Our Kiev" line of sparkling wines was one of them. More than a half of million bottles of these wines were sold during 8 months of the present year. Furthermore, the main company's achievement in this year was its success in earning the consumer's propensity in western regions of Ukraine where such trademarks as "Our Kiev" and "Soviet Premium" enjoy special popularity. The producers are even more confident in a positive result since the Kiev factory of sparkling wines has modernized its production facilities in the last year thus enabling it to cut costs and enhance the company's productivity on the whole.
31.08.2010 Source: press-service of KFSW "Stolichniy"

Polish company may buy Nemiroff
Polish vodka producer Stock Spirits has obtained an exclusive right to purchase 75% of the Ukrainian group Nemiroff. Thus, during a month the Polish holding company will have to form a final offer on the purchase, and the Ukrainian side will have to freeze negotiations with other bidders for that time. Business Nemiroff was tentatively estimated at USD 330-370 million, however, another potential buyer - holding "Russian standard" of Rustam Tariko assures that doesn't refuse from purchasing Nemiroff.
26.08.2010 Source: Kommersant

Nemiroff Ups Vodka Sales By 4% To 3.6 Million Decaliters In January-June
19.08.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Crimean Wine House Begins Producing Young Oreanda Wines
17.08.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

TM «Golden Amphora» represents a new collection of wines
09.08.2010 Source: press release of the company

UkrSpirt Concern converted into state-run enterprise
The Cabinet of Ministers has liquidated the State Concern of Alcohol and Alcoholic Beverage Industry (UkrSpirt Concern) and established a state enterprise of alcohol and alcoholic beverage industry (UkrSpirt SE), which becomes the successor of the concern. The state enterprise is formed based on the facilities of the concern, state enterprises and associations of alcohol and alcoholic beverage industry. The new enterprise will be operated by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy.
03.08.2010 Source: Ukrinform

Ukrainian Khortytsa moves to new perspective markets
Khortytsa Distillery plans to start vodka export to the markets of Slovenia, Romania, Vietnam and the Dominican Republic till the end of 2010. According to Commercial Director Timur Zhuravlev, this year sales in the Asian and European countries have considerably increased. This year supplies were started to Belgium, Iraq, Syria and China. A substantial increase of export sales over the first six months was observed on the markets of Russia, Israel, Moldova, Georgia, Germany and Estonia, the company informed. By results of H1, Khortytsa increased vodka export by 31% against the same period of 2009.
30.07.2010 Source: press service of Khortytsa

Massandra Ups Wine Production By 17% to 383,000 Decaliters In H1
Bakhchysarai Wine-And-Brandy Factory Boosts Wine Output 15.5 Times To 377,000 Decaliters, Cognac Output By 36% To 86,000 Decaliters In Q2
Odessa Cognac Factory Cuts Production By 16.4% To 168,000 Decaliters In Q2
Uzhhorod Cognac Factory Ups Cognac Production By 38% To 142,000 Decasliters In H1
26.07.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Inkerman Increases Production Of Wine By 22.9% To 320,700 Decaliters In Q2
Koblevo Ups Wine Output By 68.7% To 565,800 Decaliters In Q2
21.07.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Shabo Holding Ups Cognac Production 56.3% To 110,000 Decaliters, Wine By 15.9% To 157,000 Decaliters In Q2
19.07.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Crimean Wine House says Oreanda wine sales rise by 15%
The Crimean Wine House (Crimea) reported the sale of Oreanda wine rose by 15% YoY to 173,000 decaliters. Oreanda wine production grew by 14% to 203,000 decaliters. The company considers that demand for middle segment wine will increase by the year-end and the total wine production will grow by 8-10%.
The Crimean Wine House is one of the largest wineries in Ukraine. The area of its own vineyards is 1,400 hectares. Since 2007, the Crimean Wine House has been part of one of the largest alcohol holdings in the Commonwealth of Independent States, including the Khortytsa distillery, CJSC Odesa Cognac Plant, Megapolis Trade House (Ukraine) and Russia's Megapolis Trade House.
16.07.2010 Source: Interfax

Artyomovsk Winery, Sparkling Wine Market Top Player
For six months 2010, sales volume of AW sparkling wine has been grown in Ukraine by 19% and in Russia by 66%, compared with the same figures for the last year. In Ukraine, steady sale growth has been shown by Krimart TM: +28%. Dynamic growth of the figures demonstrates that more and more consumers enjoy traditional sparkling wine.
14.07.2010 Source: press service of Artyomovsk Winery

Khortytsa among world top three alcohol producers of the world
Khortytsa, which facilities are located in Zaporizhzhia in the south of Ukraine, was among the top three alcohol producers of the world in 2009. The British magazine Drinks International, which is the most reliable one at the alcohol drink market, has summed up the annual research of brands. As before, such brands as Smirnoff, Absolut and Khortytsa are at the top. At the same time, the experts note it is the first time Khortytsa has been awarded the title of International Vodka. Thus, the largest distillery of Ukraine successfully pursues export policy, targeted at the development of the most promising markets
According to the results of the first three months of 2010, Khortytsa has become a leader on exporting alcohol drinks to Russia, sharing 62% of the whole alcohol products, imported to the country. Significant boost of the sale volume has taken place in Israel, Moldova, Georgia, Germany and Estonia. Furthermore, China, as the most perspective market, is open for Khortytsa as well. In the near future, the company is going to enter the markets of Slovenia, Romania, Vietnam and Dominican Republic.
07.07.2010 Source: Ukrinform

Khortytsa expands through new markets
Khortytsa distillery which facilities are located in Zaporizhzhia in the south of Ukraine has widened export geography with new countries. Nowadays its products are available in Belgium, China as well as in the Middle East countries such as Iraq and Syria. In the coming future, Khortytsa is going to enter the markets of Slovenia and Romania.
Khortysta distillery is the largest alcohol producer in Ukraine. Nowadays its capacity runs up to 1.5 million deciliters a month. The quality of TM Khortytsa has been approved by numerous certificates and prizes awarded in prestigious international competitions.
02.07.2010 Source: Ukrinform

Yevpatoria Winery Starts Producing Wine Of Yevpatoria Trade Mark
02.07.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

KRIMART to go to UK Market
KRIMART TM was presented to foreign specialists and conoccieurs at the 30th international professional wine fair London International Wine Fair (May 18-20, 2010, Excel Exhibition Centre). Result of participation in this exhibition was making contract with one of the biggest UK wine importers Monolith-UK.
02.06.2010 Source: press service of Artyomovsk Winery

New Exclusive Package from Artyomovsk Winery
Artyomovsk Winery has developed new design of 6-segment package boxes for Krimart Premium Class sparkling wines.
12.05.2010 Source: Artymovosk Winery

Artymovosk Winery activity results in Q1 2010
For three months 2010, Artymovosk Winery increased volume of sparkling wine by 22.8% compared with the same period in the last year. According to information of the State Committee for Statistics, Artymovosk Winery's share in the gross production of sparkling wines in Ukraine was 19.8%, and the company became leading player per production volume.
20.04.2010 Source: press-service of Artymovosk Winery

Shabo increases output
Shabo Industrial and Trading Company, based in Odesa region, increased its output by 1.64 times in 2009 YoY to 872,300 decaliters of still wine and cognac. Cognac sales doubled in kind and grew by 2.4 times in monetary terms. Wine sales grew by 1.5 times in kind and rose by 1.6 times in monetary terms. In 2009, the company increased tax deductions to the state budget by 2.1 times.
26.03.2010 Source: press-service of Shabo

UkrSpirt to boost sale
In 2009, UkrSpirt Concern sold 27.5 million decaliters of ethyl spirit. A total of 4.86 million decaliters were provided for fulfilling export contracts. Domestic consumers purchased 22,636 million decaliters. Domestic spirit sale increased by almost 1 million decaliters against 2008.
09.03.2010 Source: UkrSpirt press-service

Massandra planning to plant young grapevines on 138 hectares
The enterprises of the Massandra State Concern (Greater Yalta, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) are planning to plant young grapevines on an area of 138 hectares this spring, Concern Deputy General Director for Agriculture Oleksandr Pavlov has said. According to him, 332,000 grapevines will be bought to establish new vineyards. Pavlov noted that as in previous years, the concern's enterprises would use Italian plants. Massandra planted new grapevines on an area of about 121 hectares last spring.
04.03.2010 Source: Ukrinform

Poltava Distillery Trims Production By 47.6% To 50,700 Decaliters In 2009
Odesa Cognac Factory Reduces Production By 13.6% To 612,000 Decaliters In 2009
26.02.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Odessa Cognac Factory Ends 2009 With Profit Of UAH 2 Million
19.02.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Frantsuzky Bulvar TM Grand Prix winner at Odessa Gulf
Champagne Frantsuzky Bulvar TM of Special Edition Collection has won Grand Prix at the X International Professional Tasting Contest Odessa Gulf which was held in the frames of Wine & Winemaking 2010. Over 170 samples of wine and spirits from Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, France, Italy, Romani and Russia were represented there.
12.02.2010 Source: Context-Prichernomorie

Nemiroff Holding boosts vodka sales in Russia by 7.2% in 2009, by 10.5% in Ukraine
Ukrainian spirit producer Nemiroff sold 3 million decaliters (dal) of alcoholic beverages in Russia in 2009, an increase of 7.2% from 2008. Total production volume of Nemiroff brand increased by 6.5% to 8.2 million dal. The biggest sales growth was in Poland, where sales went up by 17%. On the domestic market in Ukraine, the total sales of Nemiroff went up by 10.5% to 4.4 million dal. Nemiroff produces over 7.5 million dal of alcoholic beverages in 2009.
08.02.2010 Source: press service of Nemiroff

Artemivsk Winery Retains Production At 937,500 Decaliters In 2009
Bershad Distillery Cuts Spirit Output By 1.8% To 0.7 Milllion Decaliters In 2009
05.02.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Inkerman winery ups output by 66% in 2009
Inkerman Fine Vintage Wine, part of the First National Winemaking Holding, increased wine production by 66.3% in 2009 year-over-year, to 1.003 million decaliters. The winery said in a statement that in terms of wine output in 2009, the enterprise ranked first among full-cycle production companies that produce natural wine under classic technology. According to the data from the MEMRB international research company, INKERMAN wine's share on the domestic market is 8.4% in terms of volume and 11.3% in monetary terms.
29.01.2010 Source: Ukrinform

UkrSpirt ups domestic spirit sale
Enterprises of the UkrSpirt Concern sold 27.5 million decaliters of ethyl spirit in 2009. A total of 4.86 million decaliters were exported, half as planned. Domestic consumers bought 22,636 million decaliters. The domestic spirit sale grew by almost 1 million decaliters against 2008.
27.01.2010 Source: press-service of UkrSpirt

Artemivsk Winery Wants To Build Winery In Crimea
26.01.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Koblevo Boosts Wine Output By 64% To 1.6 Million Decaliters In 2009
25.01.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

UkrSpyrt exports half less than planned
The UkrSpyrt state concern of alcohol industry exported last year 4.86 million decaliters of spirit. Earlier UkrSpyrt planned to double its exports to 10 million decaliters in 2009. Companies of the concern sold a total of 27.5 million decaliters of spirit in 2009, including 22.636 million decaliters to home market, which is 1 million decaliters more than in 2008. UkrSpyrt was set up in 1996 and incorporates 76 state-run distilleries producing over 95% of Ukrainian spirits.
22.01.2010 Source: press-service of UkrSpyrt

Massandra Winery Produces Kosher Line of Wines
For the first time ever, kosher table wine from the renowned Massandra Winery in the Crimea, known well beyond Ukraine's borders for its quality wine, is being produced under Kosher supervision. The Ukrainian Kashrut Committee has organized the production of this special line of kosher wines expected to satisfy even the most demanding consumers. Dry wine labels include Aligote and Cabernet. Semi-sweet labels include a selection of white and red Aluston. All stages of the wine production, beginning with the juicing of the grapes, were supervised by the Ukrainian Kashrut Committee. The main equipment used in the production process was purchased specifically for making the kosher wine, and is not used for any other purposes. The grapes being used for the wines produce the highest quality juice, with only the first extraction used in the production of this wine. No sugar is added to the semi-sweet wines.
13.01.2010 Source: fjc.ru

Crimean Wine House Increases Sale Of Oreanda Wine By 14% To 810,000 Decaliters In 2009
11.01.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

German Henkell&Sohnlein to start cognac production in Ukraine
German Henkell & Sohnlein Sektkellereien, one of the world's largest wine producers which owns the Kyiv Stolychny factory of sparkling wines, is planning to start bottling cognac under its own brand at the Simferopol cognac plant in 2010, according to Valeriy Romansky, the executive director of Stolychny factory. The product will be considered as that of the middle price segment. Romansky said that in spite of crisis, Henkell & Sohnlein is still interested in the purchase of Ukrainian companies, including cognac enterprises.
Stolychny has been producing champagne since 1954. In October 2007 Henkell&Sohnlein Sektkellereien acquired a stake of over 75% in Stolychny. In 2008, the share of Stolychny on the Ukrainian market of sparkling wines was 20%.
05.01.2010 Source: FBD

Ukrspyrt increases prices
Ukrspyrt, the state concern of the alcohol and liquor industry, increased prices for ethyl alcohol by 15% to UAH 79 per deciliter (UAH 7.985 / USD 1), starting from January 1, 2010, the concern said in a letter to producers. Ukrspirt was set up in June 1996. The concern includes 76 state-run distilleries that ensure over 95% of alcohol production in Ukraine.
04.01.2010 Source: Ukrinform

Marylivskyi Distillery Commissions Spirit Storage Facility For 150,000 Decaliters In Ternopil Region
28.12.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Soyuz Victan to terminate activity
The Soyuz Victan group has decided to terminate activity. The decision was taken due to excise policy of the state and also due to lack of agreements with creditors, in particular, Russian companies of the group regarding the restructure of the debts. Among the largest creditors, there are Russian OTP Bank, Sberbank, Alfa Bank, and their Ukrainian divisions. Soyuz-Victan produces over 50 types of goods, including classic and special vodka under the Soyuz Victan and Medoff trademarks, low-alcohol beverages under the Longer trademark, medicinal mineral water under the Neapolis trademark, and bottled water under the Soyuz Victan trademark. Soyuz Victan exports its products to more than 30 countries, including the United States, Germany, Russia, Britain, Israel, Spain, Australia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, and the Baltic states.
22.12.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Kyiv Champagne Factory To Increase Champagne Exports By 40% To 73,500 Decaliters In 2010
Nine Producers Of Champagne And Sparkling Wines Found Association In Ukraine
21.12.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Nemiroff Expects Consolidation Of 90% Of Ukrainian Vodka Market Among Three Companies By 2015
18.12.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Barbadillo planning to enter Ukrainian wine market
Another foreign wine-making company, Span-based Barbadillo winery, has interested in the Ukrainian market, as Ukrainian Commercial and Industrial Confederation (UCIC) reported. In 2010 Barbadillo means to sell 300,000-400,000 0.75L wine bottles in the Ukrainian market. Experts say Ukrainians will not start consuming the foreign wine widely. The UCIC forecasts the import share will cover 30-40% of the Ukrainian market at the most.
18.12.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Burluk bought the new cultivator of German firm "Brown"
Winemaking company Burluk has bought the new cultivator of German firm "Brown" for processing of row-spacings of young vineyards, it is already the 4th such cultivator in the Burluk company. By estimations of experts, Burluk is one of the most interesting enterprises from the point of view of wine growing of the Bakhchsarai area. Speaking about vineyards of Burluk, it is necessary to notice that the economy possesses the unique soils similar to soils of French Grava.
10.12.2009 Source: press-service of Golden Amphora

The ambassador of France in Ukraine visited Inkerman
Extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of Republic France in Ukraine Jacques Faure visited Inkerman's factory of vintage wines.
On results meeting he expressed opinion, that in the countries of Western Europe, where a fashion on wines is dictated by France, Italy and Spain, Ukrainian wine has good prospects.

09.12.2009 Source: press-service of Inkerman

Increase in demand for Kiev Sparkling wine
Following the results of November this year, sales of the KFSW sparkling wines increased by 10% YoY. The records in sales are set by TM "Muscat Sparkling" white wines. The demand for this sparkling wine doubled. Besides, there is a growth of popularity of Trade Mark "Sovietskoye Premium" sweet wine which presently takes the third position on sales of the range of products of the enterprise following TM "Sovietskoye Shampanskoye" wine and TM "Ukrainskoye" sweet wine.
08.12.2009 Source: press-service of Kiev factory of sparkling wines "Stolichniy"

Artyomovsk Winery's New Exclusive Product
Krimart Muscat Brut White sparkling wine is a result of long-lasting thorough work of Artyomovsk wine-makers. Improvement of technological processes along with thorough approach to all production phases allowed achievement by the company of a new level of quality and became a good base for establishment of a new, unique product of Artyomovsk wine-makers.
03.12.2009 Source: press-service of Artyomovsk Winery

First national winemarket chain was launched in Ukraine
The first national winemarkets chain under the "Polyana" brand was established in Ukraine, local media reports. The new company became the first Ukrainian retailer specializing in selling wines and other alcoholic drinks. According to the company's sources, by the end of 2009 the number of its stores will amount to 7 outlets with a total space of 4 500 sq. m. The assortment of the new chain will consist of 2,000 items and include French and Italian wines, liquors, cognacs, brandy, whiskey, gin, grape-brandy, Armagnac and beer. The share of the local brands in the whole assortment will amount to 25-30%, while in some categories - up to 70% (vodka). Currently "Polyana", has already sold more than 50,000 bottles of its assortment.
02.12.2009 Source: FBD

Grape yield of Massandra amounts to 23,375 tons in 2009
In 2009, the grape yield of the National Production and Agrarian Union Massandra amounted to 23,375 tons (down 1,767 tons against 2008, up 4,965 tons against the target for 2009). The quality of this grape is high. The wine-making establishment Sudak, a part of the Union, topped by the grape yield (5,208 tons, up 68% against the target).
17.11.2009 Source: blackseagrain

Artyomovsk Winery to Show New Package
This autumn, Artyomovsk Dry Vine du Table at Artyomovsk Winery in a new package appears on the counters. From now, besides usual 3- liter bag-in-box package, Artyomovsk Vine du Table in 1.5- liter packages can be purchased.
05.11.2009 Source: press-service of Artyomovsk Winery

Koblevo wines - holders of three gold awards Grand Collections 2009
Wines of the Ukrainian trade mark Koblevo got five awards at the International Degustation Competition Grand Collections 2009 in Moscow, three of which are gold awards. The International Degustation Competition of wines and strong drinks Grand Collections 2009 was held for the first time. Participating in it were companies from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Italy and Germany. All competitors underwent a strict selection during a blind (close) testing.
25.09.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Control over Massandra passed to Cabinet
Following the decree of the government, the provision of the parliament-approved law to assign the status of the state-run corporation to the wine-making union Massandra has become effective. The powers of the parent plant of the union were expanded. Control over the corporation passed from the Ministry of Agrarian Policy to the Cabinet of Ministers.
17.09.2009 Source: blackseagrain

Koktebel to retain wine production at 2008 level in 2009
CJSC Koktebel winery (Crimea), one of Ukraine's largest wineries, plans in 2009 to retain wine production at the 2008 level of 549,200 decaliters. Marketing director Natalia Vorozheikina said that the situation on the Ukrainian wine market has stabilized: a slight rise has offset the plunge seen in early 2009. The expert said that market segments are being redistributed, and consumers are buying cheaper products. Koktebel CEO Oleksandr Haran said that the company plans this year to harvest around 9,000 tonnes of grapes, against almost 8,000 tonnes last year. Commenting the cognac market, Vorozheikina said that crisis affected this segment most of all. However, she said that recently the situation has slightly improved. According to her forecasts, this year one can expect a fall in cognac production in Ukraine by some 8% compared to the previous year. She said that mainly the indicator would depend on the pace of the downturn, problems with excise duties, the activity of rivals and the situation at OJSC Tavria cognac plant in Nova Kakhovka (Kherson region). As reported, in 2008, the winery boosted sales of its products by 35% YoY to UAH 416 million. Koktebel winery is one of Ukraine's largest wineries. It produces wine and cognac and has a full cycle of production. It has 2,200 hectares of vineyards.
14.09.2009 Source: Interfax

Koblevo expects to harvest 20,000 tons of grape in 2009
The wine-making enterprise Koblevo expects to crop about 20,000 tons of grape in 2009, flat against 2008. This season weather conditions are favourable, the grape quality is high. Sugar content is as high as a year ago, 19%, says Chairman of the Management Board of the enterprise Vitaly Babynin.
28.08.2009 Source: blackseagrain

Koblevo to invest in vineyards and wine warehouse
The winery Koblevo intends to expand area of its vineyards by 100 ha in 2010, and capacity of the wine warehouse at least by 2 million litres. The company will spend at least UAH 30 million (EUR 2.48mn USD 3.56mn) on these plans. The winery's investments in facility modernisation and development of the raw material base have exceeded UAH 15 million in 2009. According to President of the company Vitaliy Babynin, the area of vineyards was expanded by 150 ha to 2,450 ha. The wine warehouse was expanded by 3 million litres to 15 million litres.
26.08.2010 Source: blackseagrain

Koblevo Plans Build Up Production Capacities 1.5-Fold To 18,000 Bottles Per Hour In 2010
Koblevo Insta
lls Grapes Crushing And Processing Line With Capacity Of 30 Tons Per Hour
25.08.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Artyomovsk Winery output up
The Artyomovsk Winery (Donetsk region, East Ukraine) increased its production volume by 8.8% in six months of the current year, compared to the like 2008 period, to 4.6 million bottles. In January - June 2009, the winery produced 4.602,3 million bottles of sparkling wine, against 4.231,7 million bottles in January - June 2008.
The Artyomovsk Winery is the biggest in Eastern Europe company for the production of sparkling wines, aging more than half a century. The whole production cycle is located underground, in caves at a depth of over 72 meters, and the area of the caves occupies 26 hectares. The company's wines are exported to over 20 countries of the world.
24.07.2009 Source: press-service of Artyomovsk Winery

Inkerman vintage wine factory boosts output nearly 25%
A total of 3.61 million liters of vintage wine was produced according to classical technology at the Inkerman distillery in January - June 2009. Thus, compared to January - June last year, when 2.92 million liters were bottled, production growth made 24%. In the first six months of the year, the sales volume of Crimea's Inkerman wines reached 2.82 million liters, which is 46% up on the first half of 2008. The Inkerman distillery is one of Ukraine's biggest wine-makers.
22.07.2009 Source: press service of Inkerman

Opening of Shabo Wine Culture Centre
On July 17, Shabo Wine Culture Centre was opened. At the opening ceremony, Head of Odessa Oblast, Nikolay Skorik said: "This is the company that managed to do a unique thing - to combine business and large volumes of wine production with high quality… I believe the Oblast may be proud of such companies. The company is known far beyond the Oblast's boundaries and even abroad."
18.07.2009 Source: Context-Prichernomorie

Crimean Wine House Plans Boost Output Of Still Wines By 25% To 336,000 Decalitres, Of Sparkling Wines By 19.4% To 158,000 Decalitres In 2009
Crimean Wine House Hikes Oreanda Champagne Prices By 10-12% From July
Crimean Wine House Plans Boost Grapes Harvest By 14% To 8,000 Tons In 2009
Crimean Wine House To Start Exports To Belarus, Poland And Vietnam
30.06.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Gruppo Campari plans considerable investments in OZShV
Italy's Gruppo Campari plans considerable investments in development of the Odessa-based sparkling wine plant (OZShV). The group has completed the deal to acquire the enterprise worth USD 18 million in spring 2009. According to President of OZShV Maks Polaiv, the exact sum of investments will be disclosed later. Funds will be divided into several parts. Particularly, production capacity of the enterprise is planned to advance. At present it reaches 15 million bottles per year. The index will be raised so that the plant could completely satisfy possible demand. An opportunity to expand production via new products is considered as well. In 2009 the enterprise plans to manufacture 250,000 bottles of kosher wine made of Moldavian wine materials for sale in Israel.
Development of the brand Odessa is a priority for OZShV. Gruppo Campari considers that the brand is very successful promising not only in the local market, but also abroad. The trademark was a reason that induced Gruppo Campari to acquire the enterprise. The plant's aim amid crisis is to remain in top three leading sparkling wine manufacturers in Ukraine. The plant will purchase wine materials for all goods (except for kosher products) from Ukrainian manufacturers. Market Group, a part of Logos the First National Winemaking Holding, is the exclusive distributor of OZShV's products. Maks Polaiv considers that at present the main competitor of the enterprise is the neighbouring plant Frantsuzsky Bulvar.
25.06.2009 Source: blackseagrain

Artyomovsk Winery production up
Artyomovsk Winery increased production of sparkling wine by 69% in May against the same period of the previous year. Overall, over five months, 4 million of bottles of sparkling wine was produced, while the sale volume increased by 40%. Artyomovsk Winery produces sparkling wine exclusively by the bottled method. It presents the following trade marks on Ukraine's territory, Krimart, Artyomovskoye, Krym. Export supplies comprise over 20 world countries.
19.06.2009 Source: press service of Artyomovsk Winery

First National Wine Making Holding to start supplying wine to Belarus, Germany, Baltic states in 2009
First National Wine Making Holding this year plans to start supplying wine (the INKERMAN trademark) to Belarus, Germany and the Baltic states. "In the near future we plan to expand the geography of our sales. We have to pass tests to enter the markets of other countries. We're doing this now," First National Wine Making Holding CEO Andriy Strelets said. He said that supplies to Belarus would be started in July, and to Germany and Baltic countries in August. Earlier, the holding exported wine only to Russia. Strelets said that it is expected that exports will comprise around 35% in the holding's sales. First National Wine Making Holding is part of Dnipropetrovsk-based Logos Corporation. The total are of the holding's vineyards is over 4,000 hectares.
15.06.2009 Source: KyivPost / Delo newspaper

Inkerman winery boosting output
The sale of Inkerman wines grew by 60% in four months of 2009 compared to the like 2008 period, up to 1.595 million liters. In April, the sales grew by 59% to 550,200 liters, the company's press service says. In January - April 2008, a total of 999,390 liters of wine was sold, and 345,160 liters in April 2008. Production at the Inkerman winery increased by 32% in January - April 2009, up to 1.92 million liters, compared to 1.45 million liters over the like 2008 period. Over 445,000 liters were exported to Russia, as well as to Poland, the Czech Republic, United States and other countries. The Inkerman winery is one of Ukraine's biggest wine-makers.
05.06.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Koktebel Expands Vineland By 6% To 2,200 Hectares In 2009
02.06.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

National Vodka Company Launches Bottling Line With Capacity Of 12,000 Bottles Per Hour
Yevpatoria Winery Receives Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001:2001
27.05.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Odessa Cognac Factory Ends Q1 With UAH 6.9 Million In Profit
07.05.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Brandy market: Tavria strengthens its leadership in Q1 2009
During the first three months of 2009, 1,08 million liters of "Tavria", "Georgievskiy" and "AleXX" brandies were sold by JSC Tavria on the Ukrainian market, this being over 2 times more than sales of Tavria's closest competitor. Thus, JSC Tavria strengthened its leadership on the domestic market with 24,3% share in physical terms, and 20,9% and 25,4% in terms of profit received and bottles sold, respectively.
Just like in 2008, the brandies of trademark "Tavria" are the lion's share of the products sold. In Q1 the sales of "Tavria" TM brandies reached 855 thousand liters. Besides, through various channels of distribution, mainly HoReCa, 21,3 thousand liters of vintage and 3,32 liters of collection brandies were sold. Separately, the non-standard "fusion"-styled AleXX brandies, which have been launched in 2003, are worthy of note. These brandies keep gaining customer's appeal with 10% increase YoY in sales.
24.04.2009 Source: press service of Tavria

JSC Tavria has received top-ranking awards from "Ukrvinprom"
The tasting of brandy products, held by representatives of the state Ukrvinprom corporation, has been market by one more success of Ukrainian brandy-makers. The 3-star "Kahovskiy VS" and 5-star "Georgievskiy" brandies were recognized best in their nominations, having left behind some of the imported brands.
In this tasting, which took place in JSC Tavria's tasting hall, 75 samples of brandies from Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and France were represented, each brand available in Ukrainian retail. The winner in each nomination was defined by the score from expert jury's "blind" tasting. The expert jury was formed by Ukrvinprom's Central Tasting Committee.
As noted later by the deputy chairman of the Central Tasting Committee Mr. Vladimir Furkevich, the highest grade in "3-star" nomination was given to "Kahovskiy VS" brandy of TM Tavria. In "4-star" nomination, the famous French Remy Martin VSOP has won the highest award. In "5-star" nomination, JSC Tavria's "Georgievskiy" brandy gained the jury's affection. Among the vintage and collection brandies, the awards were given to the products of JSC Tavria, Uzhgorod Cognac Factory and Koktebel.
24.04.2009 Source: press service of Tavria

Sandora widens its wine production range
Sandora OJSC is widening the range of wine products. In the second decade of April two new tastes will enrich the range of Sandora Holiday Collection wines - Tamyanka and Kadarka. Tamyanka Holiday Collection is a sort of ordinary grape demi-doux white wine with 9-12% alcohol, and 4-5% sugar. The sort of wine is made from Muscat and European sorts of grapes, having gentle scent and fresh sweet taste. Kadarka Holiday Collection is a sort of ordinary grape demi-doux red wine with 9-12% alcohol, and 4-5% sugar. The sort of wine is made from Cabernet Saperavi and Merlot sorts of grapes, having strong scent and harmonious sweet taste. According to the company's predictions the new wines Tamyanka and Kadarka will have 14 and 11 percent of the wine portfolio respectively.
13.04.2009 Source: press-service of Sandora

Italy's Gruppo Campari buying Henri Roederer Odesa Champagne Factory
Italy-based beverage group Gruppo Campari announced plans to take a 99.25% stock at CJSC Henri Roederer Odesa Champagne Factory at USD 18.1 million. This transaction signalized Gruppo Campari's entering the CIS spirits market. Henri Roederer Odesa Champagne Factory produces spirits under 16 premium and grassroots price brackets. Gruppo Campari is one of the largest actors in producing branded beverages. It owns over 40 brands across its three main business segments (spirits, wines and soft drinks) produced and distributed in 190 world countries.
26.03.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Koktebel cognac sales 27% up
The sale of the Koktebel cognac in Ukraine in 2008 reached 377,400 decaliters, which is 27% up YoY, when 297,100 decaliters were sold. The sale of the Koktebel natural wines made 483,800 decaliters, which is 20% more than in 2007 (403,100 decaliters). Last year, the company sold wine and cognac worth UAH 416 million, which is 35% up YoY. CJSC Koktebel has 2,200 hectares of vineyards.
06.02.2009 Source: press service of Koktebel

Odessa Cognac Factory not to compete with Russian Shustov TM
Odessa Cognac Factory (OCF) is not going to compete with Shustov TM Russian in Russia. PR manager of Shustov TM informed the agency about it, commenting on the statement of OST Group, one of the Russian alcohol industry leaders. "We respect the Copyright Institute and we are not claiming copyright of OST Group for Shustov TM on the territory of the Russian Federation. Odesa Cognac Factory is not selling and does not intend to sell its production under Shustov TM brand in Russia. We would like to emphasize OCF is the only exclusive owner of Shustov TM brand in Ukraine, the successor of the technology and traditions of Nikolay Shustov. This is exactly the reason why cognacs of Odesa Cognac Factory and Shustov TM cognacs seem the same for Ukrainian people", Mrs. Yulia Komarova, Marketing Director added.
Odessa Cognac Factory was founded in 1863. In 1900 at the sampling contest in Paris the factory got the right to name their products Cognac. The company produces 12 sorts of ordinary and vintage cognacs, 12 sorts of Vodka and 3 sorts of Sparkling wine. The company also has its own vineyards over 1000 hectares and old storehouse of barrels (15 thousand units). Since 2007 the company is a part of the largest holding in the SIC together with Khotytsya, Crimean Wine House, Megapolis (Ukraine), Megapolis (Russia).
02.04.2009 Source: Context-Prichernomorie


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